Cupcake Fun! **UPDATED** with final product picture!

Last week we did a birthday theme. Last year I brought in cupcakes for the kids to decorate themselves. They LOVED it! I did it again this year. I always expect 3, 4, & 5 yr olds to go nuts when given free access to icing and sprinkles. Well I had tons of extra icing and sprinkles! They all decorated their cupcakes so nicely!

Spreading the icing on is great fine motor practice!

Of course our hands got a little messy, but, do we lick them?! NOOOO. :)

We also read "If you Give a Cat a Cupcake" and made cupcake pictures after reading. We got to pick out the color for our cupcakes, add "sprinkles", and a "cherry". Maybe next time I'll pick different colors for the cupcake tops. My students didn't hesitate to tell me that they looked like ice cream. Thanks, guys. Thanks.

...turns out I only took a picture of us gluing on the bottoms! boo! I'll try & remember to take a picture of our finished products!

**UPDATE: here is the added photo of our finished cupcakes!


I thoroughly enjoyed my day off and having a 3 day weekend. A big thanks goes out to all of those who have, and continue to protect our country each and every day!

Personally, I think work morale across all professions would be boosted if we had a 3 day weekend and 4 day work week every week! Agree? 

Before I lose my followers...

...I suppose I should starting writing blog posts again. I can't even begin to describe how busy I have been. It's just nuts. I love my job...I love my job...I love my job. 

Several weeks ago we did a bug theme. I had seen these ADORABLE lightening bug pictures on Pinterest, and knew we had to make them too. Then I clicked the picture and realized that they read "The Very Lonely Firefly", which was exactly what I wanted to do!

courtesy of Pinterest & I Heart Crafty Things

This website also has more great ideas for craftivities to pair with stories--exactly what I plan for our Friday Small Group Activities!

Here are our pictures making our fireflies. I wanted to find yellow band aids, but that wasn't an option. I had the band aids out of the wrapper for the students, but they had to take the backings off. Perfect fine motor practice activity. We also glued on some neon yellow glitter for the lights!

I didn't realize when I bought the band aids that I bought clear ones. Doh. Oh well, they still worked out! :)

Sorry it took me so long to share this idea! I have some new news headed your way here soon! Stay tuned! :)

12 on 12 Linky Party

I'm stopping in to link up with Kacey for her 12 on 12 linky party, and then I'm disappearing from blog land again. Kidding. Only kinda. I know I have been m.i.a. for a while and I need to be honest and let you know that might not change for a week or two. I'm swamped with IEPs (I need write seven of them before the 29th!), assessment data, and my grad class wrapping up. And how could I forget my blog designs!

1. Mother's day shopping this morning-- found things I liked for myself. Adding this wallet to my wishlist.
2. Did come home with some shopping goodies.
3. Watermelon snack after my shopping.
4. My venti green tea with 3 equal. On a green tea kick.
5. Time to work on my mentoring portfolio. Does your school district have a mandatory mentoring program for new teachers? Ick.
6. My new gold bow earrings! Love. them.
7. Kettle corn snack!
8. Portfolio finished, now on to my grad class final exam.
9. Dinner--thanks to my dad! ( A perk of still living at home...)
10. Laundry, done. Put away? I won't hold my breath.
11. My dad got me sour patch kids after I commented I wanted something sweet.
12. Working on blog designs. If this one is yours, and you're reading this, I guess you are getting a pre-preview! :)

Head on over to Kacey's blog to link up for the party! I love photo stalking! :)

May Currently & A Teacher's Notebook Sale!

Farley threw me for a loop this month with her Pageant Title in this months currently! I'm going to be honest. I had to read a few others before I could think of one & think of a platform!

I color code basically everything. This title seemed appropriate. You should see my planner. Be sure to head over to Farley's page to grab your own template & link up with Farley!

I also thought that I would join in with the Teacher's Notebook sale/giveaway for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Click the picture to enter the sweepstakes! Click here to visit my Teacher's Notebook store for 10% off everything starting tomorrow May 6th & ending May 9th!

Uh-Oh...DJ Inkers Sale..

I just got this email from DJ Inkers. I'm so sorry wallet (or paypal account) I might have to go a little clip art crazy. I always regret not jumping on the sale opportunities they have!

Image from DJ Inkers Customer E-mail

Head on over to their website to take advantage of the deals! I know there is something on your wishlist!