Welcome to..

..bin hoarders anonymous. I know I have a bin collecting problem. And I'm willing to bet that the rest of you do too. What teacher doesn't love that PERFECT storage container or bucket to organize activities?

Well you need to lace up your sneaks and run sprint to your closest Dollar Tree and hope that they have these gems!

The pre-k teacher right across the hall from me had these sitting on her back counter and immediately I asked, "WHERE did you find those?!" I probably would have gone to the Dollar Tree on the same day if I had the option!

These are going to be perfect for so many things! I can't wait to use them for setting up centers to hold small manipulatives. What could you use these for in your room?!

Leap Year Sale

I'm joining in on the Leap Year fun and having an additional 20% off in my TpT store on Wednesday! This in combo with TpT's 10% off can give you up to 28% in savings! :)

I hope you find some goodies to add to your cart & then purchase on Wednesday!Don't forget to use the promo code L2P9Y when you check out!

I'm also linking this sale up to Reagan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits so you can see everyone who is offering an additional % off on leap day!


Hi! Just wanted to let you know that if you downloaded my FREE March Calendar Cards, you might want to re-download them! I edited the size of them. They were a little too large for my calendar.

They will work if you are using a pocket chart calendar! I plan on using my now extra printed set for a number sequencing activity! :)


Time to Announce...

My blog designing site! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this all works out for me. I'm taking a big jump here and hope I don't wind up over my head. Click the photo below to check it out! I hope to offer affordable custom blog designs. Wish me luck! :)

A page link will soon be posted on the top of this blog. Until then, you can access the site through this post!

March Calendar Cards- Freebie!

Shew. I finally made it home before 7:30pm for the first night this week! Now I have the perfect opportunity to FINALLY scratch these March Calendar Cards off of my to do list! I'm posting them a little later than I normally do, so hopefully you can still download them and use them.

Again, these are an ABC pattern. It hasn't quite stuck with all of my kiddos yet, so I'm not ready to move on. You can download them for free in either my TpT store or TN store!

Leave a comment if you grab this free download!

Guess what's here!!

Drum roll please...

Love. I feel like when I write in it, everything needs to be perfect! Now that I see it, I think I should have reversed my colors and done the pool blue on the inside and initials and light gray on the outside. Oh well, maybe next time! :)

Even the box is too stinkin cute!

Giveaway Winners!

It's time to announce the winners of my 500+ follower giveaway! Using a random number generator, the numbers are...

Congrats to the winners! I will email you to ask you your print preference & your mailing address! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! :)

So, Valentine's Day is Over...

...what now?! Really, like we teachers never know of something to teach! Next week my kiddos and I are doing Circus! Actually, my student teacher will be doing all the planning next week :( that makes me sad! I want to plan fun activities! Especially because I have put together this super fun "Under the Big Top" Circus Unit! At least I'll get the activities printed, cut, and prepped for next year!

In this unit you will find:

Peanut Counting: Look at the number on the peanut bag, and count out that number of peanuts. You could use either real peanuts (if no allergies) or cut out the peanuts included in this unit. Squares on the pages will help students with one to one correspondence. (pgs. 3-13)

Clown Balloon Match: Match the correct number card to the clown holding the correct number of balloons. (pgs. 14-19)

Circus Memory: Print out two sets of these cards to play a memory game. You could also use these cards for patterns. (pgs. 20-21)

Find the Rabbit: Place the magician & alphabet cards on the floor or in a pocket chart. Hide the rabbit behind a letter card. Students identify the letter & then see if they can find the rabbit! Numbers 1-10 also included. (pg. 22- 27) You’ll find the rabbit on pg. 47

Circus Word Wall Cards: Use these for your word wall or as vocabulary cards to introduce the unit. (pg. 28- 32)

Roll & Record Circus Animals: Print out and assemble the dice. Use the recording sheet to collect and analyze the data. (pg. 33- 34)

Word Family Sort: Print the balloon sorting mats. Cut out the smaller balloons with the words for sorting. Student record their sorting on the recording sheet under each word family heading. A page of blank balloons is also included for you to create addition words. (pg. 35- 44)

Clown Positional Game: Print a class supply of clown faces. Provide students with a small manipulative. I would use candy circus peanuts so they could eat them at the end! Provide students verbal directions on where to place the peanut (on top of his head, on his nose, on his bow tie, etc.) Observe for understanding. (pg. 45)

Circus Measuring: How many peanuts long is each picture? You could use circus peanuts or print additional peanuts from page 13 for this activity. Student record their answers on the recording sheet. (pg. 46- 49)

I hope you are ready for some circus fun in your classroom! Click one of the buttons below to purchase this unit!

Data Sentences.. Freebie!

I'm using this in my classroom tomorrow so hopefully it's not too late for you to use too! Tomorrow we are sorting out candy hearts by color onto our sorting mats. If you don't have any sorting mats, you can find one in my Lots of Love Unit! :)

If you saw my post on our Gummy Bear Fun unit, you saw the students "analyzing" their data and making data sentences to read back to me. If you haven't seen them, go take a peek, but come right back!

I wanted to make something similar to go with our candy heart sorting. We have sentences with color words for the various candy heart colors. You can download this document FOR FREE by clicking the download button below!

Candy Heart Sentences
If you downloaded it, leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Would you like more freebies? Is this great practice for your kids? Is this too easy for your kiddos?

P.S. please let me know if you don't have a scribd account and are unable to download this. I will be uploading it on another downloading source tomorrow. It's just too late now! *yawn*

So I have to share a story with yall...

If you are eating, drinking, or enjoying the tiniest little snack, you might want to come back later for this post! BECAUSE I'm the crazy blogger that finds it completely necessary to share with you that today....


As a special ed. teacher using the PEC for puking just seemed appropriate.

Seriously, I teach pre-school, this day was coming and considering there as been a G.I. bug in our building for what seems like a month now, no joke, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

This child hadn't stepped foot in my classroom for more than a millisecond when I knew it. Today is the day a child pukes. No color in his face, holding his stomach, walking slowly. I took him to the nurse, but no temperature. He didn't want to lay down so we basically went down to the classroom to wait until our doom. He wanted to be with his friends, went about our daily routine as normal then, pew! I must commend him though, he made it to the trashcan, hallelujah! I'll spare you from the other G.I. bug stories from our building. Trust me, they *might* make you get sick yourself! Yuck!

Well, now that I found it necessary to share my story with you, I'm sure you have some stories to share. Especially your first one!

P.S. Don't forget to scroll to the post below this one to enter my giveaway for a mirror! This is perfect to keep near your desk at work, or you could take the mirror out & use it as a picture frame! :)

500+ Follower Giveaway!

I actually wanted to have a giveaway 130 followers ago, but I was asked to participate in a few other giveaways almost back to back. I didn't want to have more than 1 giveaway going on a time. So now, we can finally celebrate my followers! Woo Hoo! I appreciate each & everyone of you! Having a lot of followers really makes me feel like what I'm doing with this little ol blog is worth while!

To celebrate, I am going to be giving away TWO of these:

I made this mirror for Jessica at Rambling about Reading for the Valentine's Day Exchange & I just loved how it turned out. Since this blog also includes crafts I thought my giveaway should include something hand made. The winners can pick a print for their mirror from the choices below.

I wish I could have had better lighting, but you can choose the one use above, or a yellow & white floral pattern.

Yes, there will be two lucky winners for this giveaway! Chosen at random using a random number generator. Included in the entries, I'm asking you to follow a NEW pre-k blogger, Creating Kinders. Connie doesn't know I'm doing this..hehe. She contacted me about doing a blog design & I was so excited. Not only because she wanted me to design something (and understood that I still didn't know how to "properly" install it), but she is also a pre-k blogger! She just started blogging and needs followers. To help get her blog out there, I'm asking that you follow her blog for a entry!

Here's how to enter:

1. Follow this blog (mandatory entry)
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3. Share about this giveaway & post a link (blog post, facebook, or twitter)

Please be sure to post 1 comment for each of the ways you enter & leave your e-mail address so I can contact you for mailing address if you win! Good Luck!

Oh, by the way, I might want to add when the giveaway ends! DOH! Giveaway will end on Thursday February 16th @ 6pm Eastern Time! Winner will be announced on Friday the 17th! 

Make Up Brush Holder D.I.Y & Val Exchange!

Ok so first, I found this idea back over the summer for organizing make up brushes. Now it's all over pinterest. I pinned it & then finally did it today. This literally took me maybe 5 minutes. I used scotch tape to attach the ribbon & I honestly think it will hold it just fine.

I purchased a brush kit off Hautelook.com a while ago for a GREAT price. I love it, but to roll out the whole kit takes up so much space on my rather small bathroom counter in the morning. This was a perfect way to store the brushes! When traveling I can simply put them back in the "kit pouch"! I think I'd still like to add a middle embellishment, but I'll wait until I find the perfect thing!

Next up, I got my valentine's day exchange gift the other day! It came from Katy! She made this adorable monogram sign with buttons! And if I know my fonts like I think I do, I'm pretty sure she used ck handprint for the letters, which is one of my faves!

I have a giveaway post in the works to go up tomorrow. SO make sure you come back soon to find out what it's for & how to enter!

Erin Condren

Guess who just ordered their first Erin Condren planner. Yes, I cracked and I did it & I can't wait. It is organization and color wonderfulness and I just can't wait. (I'll thank my TpT & TN earns for allowing me to make the purchase!)

I went with the year round calendar. This will be good for one year from the month of purchase. Just perfect. The planner I'm using now I think only goes until June, so this is just a little bit early. I didn't want to wait anymore. I did the planner above but picked the colors "pool blue" for the outside lines, and "light gray" for the inside and initials!

I've heard so many great things about the "Life Planner" but I don't think I have enough of a life yet to require that one. Maybe one day. When I have to organize more than myself. :)

Do you have an Erin Condren planner? Which one? Do you love it?!

February Currently!

You know the drill! Although, I could really use some support with my "thinking" one. Any great stories you have to share would be great! :)

Diaper Motorcycle!

Yes, you read that title correctly! A couple weeks ago I went to a good friends baby shower, (if she makes it to her due date, I'll be shocked!) and thanks to Pinterest, I made this ADORABLE diaper motorcycle for her!

Please ignore the slightly messy kitchen backdrop & excuse the iphone quality photos! :)

The tutorial on how to make these can be found at Sweet Aprils. She has an excellent tutorial so there was no need for me to duplicate it AND this is so much easier than it might look!

I bet you could never guess what was the hardest part of this to find in the stores! The first person to guess correctly can pick an item for free from one of my stores! Leave your email so I can email you!

Look what I found!!

I found this last night at Marshall's on CLEARANCE and was super pumped. It was only $7.50! Aside from the great deal, it's perfect timing too! I think I might buy more lacing strings to set it out as a center.

I honestly don't think there is any store that I walk into where I don't have teaching on the brain to see what goodies I could find. Never pass up a Marshall's toy section! I find stuff there all the time & they carry Melissa & Doug too!

I also checked out the Learning Resources website and they are having additional 25% off their sale section. I have found 3 great deals there too! Ms. Russell just posted an activity on her blog where she used dot stamps for numbers...well I found alphabet ones on sale for $6.74. I also found an awesome color sorting pocket chart that comes to $18.55 after the 25% off. I haven't hit the purchase button yet, I'm still deciding if I want to go up to $50 to get free shipping!

I get so excited when I find perfect resources for my classroom and I knew you guys were the perfect people to share them with! Now, go! Quick! Shop your Marshall's clearance section!

I have linked this post up with My Fabulous Finds for Valentines!

Gummy Bear Fun!

Ok. I promised I was posting about some gummy bear fun later this week. I almost fell asleep in the middle of finishing it, but was determined to share it with ya'll tonight. Because let's face it, I'm going to be far too exhausted tomorrow evening (duh, it's Friday) to get to it!

I'm in bed finishing up this post to get the activities to you! As soon as it's uploaded it is lights out computer screened closed.

This week we are doing bears. I thought the kids would enjoy a fun activity with sorting gummy bears. I also wanted them to practice with writing their data. Let me remind you, I teach SPECIAL EDUCATION pre-school. These kiddos blew me out of the water with how well they did with this activity! We had to write numbers and "read" our sentences. I had one student say, "Miss Blecki, can I do it by myself?" when it was her turn to read. She didn't want me pointing or saying anything! Oh. These moments. This is what I love about my job. I think I was more excited than they were! Of course when they were finished they got to each their gummy bears! (By the way, eating them was a huge deal. As soon as they saw I even had gummy bears I had students saying, "We can't eat them!" Boy do I have them trained well on using food as manipulatives! :) )

Here are a few photos of us writing our numbers to make our sentences.

Included in this gummy bear fun are the following activities:

-Gummy Bear Sorting: on page 3 you will find a sorting mat for sorting out gummy bear colors. Print as many of these as you need. On pages 4-8 are sentences for students complete on their data. I did with with my students using dry erase markers & in a small group setting. They each got a different sentence to complete & we switched. At the end I let the students eat the gummy bears. (pgs. 2-8)

-Gummy Bear Matching: Print 2 sets of these gummy bear cards to play a gummy bear memory game. You could also them for patterns. (pgs. 9- 11)

-Gummy Bear Writing: Here is a gummy bear writing prompt. Students pick a color gummy bear they would like to be & include why. A great addition to this activity would be a gummy bear craftivity. (not included) (pg. 12)

-Gummy Bear Counting: Look at the gummy bear card and the number in the corner. Count out that number of gummy bears to put on your card. Or you could clip on that number of clothespins. (pgs. 13-17) 
If you would like, you can purchase in TpT or TN for $2.00 by clicking one of the buttons below.


The first 5 commenters will receive this for free! *Just don't forget to leave your email addy!*

Tag--7 Times!

Shew. I thought that once you were tagged, you were out of the game. But thank you to all of you for thinking to tag me in the game!

I loved reading everyone else's questions and answer, so I knew I had to share too. I'm going to skip sharing 12 things about myself *rule breaker* and answer ALL of the questions except for duplicates. I will TRY to post 12 more questions if I'm not completely exhausted at the end, and I will TRY to tag a FEW of you in blog world who I don't think have been tagged!

Let's get this party started.

From Crayons & Curls:
1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is another job you have done besides teaching?
   Worked for Polo Ralph Lauren for about 5 years.
3. Are you married and do your have children?
   Nope & nope!
4. What was your favorite place to visit?
   I loved visiting Germany. I was in high school & incredibly home sick, but it was a great experience that I feel very fortunate to have had!
5. What is your favorite website?
   Pinterest. Duh.
6. Would you rather have an iphone or a blackberry?
   iphone user since 2009
7. What do you eat for lunch while you are at school?
   Sandwich & fruit
8. What was your favorite present you ever recieved?
   This year Christmas gift from my boyfriend. An ahhhmazing handbag.
9. What item do you wish your classroom had?
   A class pet? I think that would be fun!
10. What is your favorite movie of all time?
   I don't think that I have one...
11. Would you rather sit on the beach or go to the mountains?
   I live at the beach, so the mountains. I love Gatlinburg, TN!
12. What is your favorite holiday?
   Christmas & Valentine's day

From Fun in Room 4B:
1. How much time do you spend blogging and blog hopping a week?
   I'm not married & I don't have children, so I have LOTS of time to spend doing this!
2. Pepsi or coke?
   Actually, Caffeine free diet dr. pepper is 1st choice. Diet Coke 2nd.
3. Are you addicted to pinterest? If so, what's your favorite board?
   Absolutely addicted. I love my school & teaching board & my style board. I want to     print it and put it in my closet for daily inspiration. Is that weird?
4. What are your hobbies?
   Crafting, making TpT & TN units, shopping (can that be a hobby?)
5. If you were given $1000 right now, what would you spend it on?
   I'd go shopping. I've put myself on a spending limit to recover from the holidays!
6. What should you be doing, but can't pull yourself away from the computer?
   Planning an alternative bear activity for AM groups of kids. Turns out I have a student who should maybe, probably, NOT eat the gummy bears.
7. Are you teaching your dream grade level?
   I think so, although I'm very curious to know how I would do with Kindergarten!
8. What subject is your least favorite to teach?
   I honestly don't think I have one for this age level.
9. Do you have a TpT store?
   Yes ma'am!
10. How long have your been blogging?
   Since April 2011

From Wild About Second Grade:
1. What was your most embarassing moment?
   Whenever something embarrassing happens to me, I always try and remember it for this moment. Now I can't remember it.
2. What type of books do you like to read?
   Comedy, autobiography, or true stories
3. Harry Potter or Twlight?
   Harry Potter, but I did like the ONE Twlight movie I have seen.
4. What is your favorite meal?
   Corn beef, cabbage, and red potatoes.
5. What place in the world would you most like to visit?
6. If you could back in time to meet one person, who would it be?
   My mother's grandmother. She tells so many stories about her & I wish I could have met her.
7. What is the last movie you watched?
8. Are you usually late, early, or right on time?
   Early or right on time.
9. Who is the person you admire & why?
   I admire my parents & sisters for everything that have taught me while growing up.
10. What is your favorite type of music?
   Mash-ups. Let me know if you know what that is!! haha!

From Rowdy in First Grade:
1. What is your favorite children's book or series?
   I am currently in love with the Pete the Cat books.
2. If you didn't live in your current city, where would you like to live?
   Charleston, SC because my sister & her family just moved there!
3. Do you have any fun vacations planned?
   A trip to visit my sister and her new house & a trip with the boyfriend!
4. What theme do you have in your classroom?
5. At the end of a long day, what do you do to unwind?
   Lay back on the couch & don't touch my school bag.
6. What meal do you crave the most during a long week?
   Anything with CHEESE. lots. of. cheese. 
7. What was your New Years Resolution?
   Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. FAIL.
8. What's on your classroom wish list?
   Wireless internet for a building (yes, you read that correctly. We DON'T have it)
9. What candy do you like to secretly stash in your desk drawer?
   I can't stash candy in my desk because it would never last that long. I do have a cup of Jolly Ranchers though. They have seemed to last--but I bet the cup it filled with grape ones!

From All Things Katherine:
1. What is something you always have with you?
   Chapstick & my teacher ID
2. Do you like Starbucks? If so, what is your favorite drink?
   LOVE Starbucks! Venti Skinny Caramel Latte please! (somtimes with an extra shot!)
3. What was the last movie you saw in Theaters?
   I honestly can't remember!!
4. Favorite app for your phone?
   Live Cams. Just look it up!
5. Favorite adult beverage if you drink?
   Vodka & water
6. What are you afraid of?
   Horses. so. afraid. of. horses.
7. SUV or car?
8. Must have teacher supply?
   Flair pens & post it notes

From Teachery Tidbits:
1. What is your favorite weekend activity?
2. Dogs or Cats?
   Dogs fo sho.
3. If you won the lottery what would you do with your winnings?
   Give my dad what he needed to retire.
4. What are your favorite color combinations?
    Teal & Orange, Yellow & Gray, Black & White
5. What is your favorite sweet treat?
   Sour Patch Kids Berries flavor. If you can find these in a store by you, let me give you my mailing address...
6. What is your favorite shoe brand?
   I love my Rainbows. I'd LOVE to own some Louboutin's.
7. If you had to choose would you rather be deaf or blind?
   Deaf. I'm a visual learner!
8. Who is your hollywood crush?
   Ryan Gosling.

From Fun in Title Math:
1. How long have you been teaching?
   2 years
2. What is your teaching style?
    I don't know what I would call it?
3. Name one best blog you frequent often?
   All the blogs on my blog roll I check every time I get on blogger.
4. Where do you shop to find teacher deals and supplies?
   Target, Lakeshore, Really Good Stuff, Oriental Trading, Dollar Tree
5. Is your classroom themed or do you change it for the seasons?
   Both? I have a fish theme, but also do season/holiday decorations
6. What is the one classroom rule you think is the most important?
   Aside from being consistent yourself, voice level is most important to me. I will loose my mind if it's too loud or someone is making an obnoxious sound. 
7. How do you like your students grouped?
   Small groups-clusters
8. What is your favorite dessert?
   Creme Brulee with fresh fruit!

Ok, if you are seriously still reading this post I should give you a cookie. Or something. Cause that was long! But thank you for reading and I'm pretty sure you now know  A LOT  about me that you didn't know before!! Below I have written 12 questions and I tag: ALL OF YOU! If you are reading this and were not tagged, consider yourself officially tagged!

1. How many siblings do you have? Brothers or Sisters?
2. Do you paint your nails, or get manicures often?
3. What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
4. Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?
5. Kindle or Nook?
6. What are the first 3 things you do when you enter your classroom?
7. Watch or cell phone as your "time keeper"?
8. Favorite TV network?
9. Favorite board on Pinterest?
10. Top 3 TpT stores?
11. What is the one outfit accessory you wear ALL THE TIME?
12. Who helps you cut all of your laminating? (Because I know you have a lot!)