How to Add Fun to the Start of the School Year!

....with an air-cast walking boot! Yep. This is real.

I have a stress fracture in my ankle--from running.

 I will be starting a school year with a robot leg. I feel like I have a toddler sitting on my foot. I'm sure this should make things really interesting. I can't get up and down from the carpet that well, and since I teach 3 & 4 year olds, that's where I like to be. Praise the Lord I have no "runners" in my class this year.

At least I don't have crutches with it.

And I only need to paint 5 toes instead of 10 toes.

And I got all of my classroom furniture moved BEFORE the boot. [not before the injury...]

Let me tell you, this thing is truly exhausting to walk around in. And my shoe selection is very limited to whatever shoe brings my right foot to the same height as my left one...

But if it rains, I'll only need 1 rain boot!

Have you ever had the pleasure of wearing one of these things? What tips can you offer me--I'm open to any suggestions!